The Well of Christ

Esa Hytti
July 27th, 2018

We all thirst. Physically this is obvious, but we all thirst for meaning and belonging and a pathway away from futility. We desire a life in which we find satisfaction. To fulfill this desire, we seek out various wells from which we can draw water. Some of us drink from the well of relationships, some of us from the well of career. Sometimes we even try and draw water from sources that are tainted, because it is better to have any water at all than to thirst. Certainly, the water from these wells brings us a level of gratification. The problem with these wells lies in the fact that this gratification is only temporary. Soon enough, the journey back to the well must be undertaken in order to once again satisfy the dry, internal state of being. Eventually, the well itself will dry up, leaving one to find another for their source of water.

On His way through Samaria, in John chapter 4, Jesus encounters a woman who has come to draw water from a well. The historical context allows us to see that she desires more than just physical satisfaction. The woman comes to the well at noon, the hottest time of day. Usually during this time, people would find some shade and either sleep or enjoy a light meal. Also, drawing water from a well was something that women would normally do together. Yet this woman comes to the well by herself at a time during which others are resting. It seems that this woman feels dissatisfied, disconnected from others, and is desperate to quench an internal thirst.

Jesus offers the woman water that is far beyond what the well could offer her. He promises her water that will never require replenishing; water that will not leave one thirsty. In fact, when taken, this water will become a spring inside a person that functions as a source in itself. When we look to relationships, careers, or our various passions to quench our thirst and provide meaning and belonging to our existence, we place ourselves on a never-ending journey leading from well to well. However, if we seek to draw all of our water from the well of Christ, there we will find complete gratification. There we find a spring of life that provides water long after all the wells of this world have dried up. Seek the well of Christ and thirst no more.





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